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Morgenster EU-exchange - Log August 1st

When I woke up this morning and went outside, the first thing someone said to me was: ‘There were NO dolphins…. NO dolphins’. Of course they just saw dolphins and I missed them. Luckily a few minutes later there were a few as well so I got to see them after all. They day was pretty much the same as all the others with watch, lunch, happy hour. The wind couldn’t really decide whether it wanted to be here or not. Sometimes there was almost storm and a few minutes later there would be nothing. Therefore, had to adjust the sails a lot.

Special about today was the Dutch snack. We brought liquorish and stroopwafels. The Norwegians and Danish keep saying that we stole everything we say is Dutch. So they say that liquorish is from Finland. That they invented the cheescutter. Nasi of course is originally not Dutch but we changed it into something typical. The stroopwafels though, everyone liked them a lot.

We also had the Danish and Norwegian presentation. The Danish even used the beamer and made a powerpoint presentation. They had good tips about what NOT to do when you’re in Denmark. Apparently they have a lot of strange hand signs when they are cycling. They have a sign that says they are going to stop.
The Norwegians made a play about trolls. Three animals wanted to pass a bridge but there was a troll they had to pass. It was really funny to see them play the troll and animals. They also showed were they lived
on the map . And something really awesome: the distance between the southern part of Norway to the North is the same distance as from the Southern part to Rome.

After the Norwegian presentation they gave us ‘Boller’. They were really nice.
When the presentations were done we did a heads up on the murdergame. Almost everyone is already dead. There are just a few left. I’m curious who will win. I am already dead so it won’t be me.

Somewhere in between there was another drill. Noelle was hidden in one of the cabins and people had to go downstairs blindfolded and find her. On deck there was someone with a walkitalki to keep in touch with the people downstairs. It was a good communication practice.

- By Esther Brantjes

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