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Log Bark Europa: Lisbon (PT) - Las Palmas (SP)

Hauling the nets
Excerpt from our garbage-management-book: "Europa has a policy of recovering garbage from the sea during routine operations as opportunities arise..."

Europa left the last fast shipping lane yesterday evening; no more high speed overtakes of our 103 year old lady zigzagging her way forward in the slow lane of a different time and age. Finally we’re sailing in the open ocean; seemingly endless wide and empty. This is where she belongs.

And as you can see the Lookout still has a most important duty; spot any floating garbage in the ocean and report timely back to the bridge. I have to say our voyage crew does an excellent job; during the last 2 weeks we collected 2 orange fenders and today the fishermen of Quimper and Goedereede could practice their skills in hauling out the nets. Although rather disappointing after close inspection by Rensje our cook: no fresh-catch-of-the-day.

Ruud Blokzijl - chief mate
Photos Andre Nogueira

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