Go to bookings and prices A spectaculair competitor. This Tall Ship has sailed under many flags, among others the Lebanese and English flag. With a length of 41,65 metres, the Astrid is the smallest Tall Ships in the fleet. But nonetheless impressive due to the large amount of sailsand yards. The Astrid has competed in many races, such as the Transatlantic Tall Ships' Race and the annual Heineken Race of the Classics. In 1996 this vessel was the winner in its class at the Tall Ships' Race and in 2003 the Astrid became third during the Hansesail-Regatta in Rostock. The ship won the second price in the Race from Illhavo to Funchal (Madeira):in the A class vessels categorie and overall winner. During 2010 the ship will join the Tall Ships Races again.

One of their trainees told us:
“I had a phenomenal time. Thank you so much Astrid. I will tell my friends to come and have a good time and have the most amazing adventure, the time of their lives. Face the challenges and take home wonderful memories and new friendships! Just come and DO IT!"


The Astrid has got two deckhouses. The stern deckhouse stores all navigation equipment and ocean maps, whereas the spacious front deckhouse has a cosy bar. On the lower deck you will find twelve two-person cabins, four of which can be used as a three-person cabin, five communal showers, six lavatories and a well equipped galley.
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Shipping type: Brig
Homeport: Harlingen, NL
Date built: 1918 / 1924
Restored: 1999
Crew: 5
Capacity: 24 pers.
Daytrips: 65 pers.
Length: 41.65 m
Beam: 6.48 m
Draught: 2.65 m
Sail: 450 m2
Height of mast: 25 m
Engine capacity: Scania Ds 1402, 280 KW


The Astrid was built in 1918 as a freight logger in a Dutch shipyard. The ship was sold of due to the decease of the Swedish Captain Albert Edmund Frohm and the diminished demand for coasters of this seize. Since 1970 it sailed under the Lebanese flag and the wildest rumours were spread involving drug smuggling. Below the English coast a fierce fire aboard the ship ended the alleged practices. The pensioned English Marine Officers Graham Neilson and John Amos (from Class Yachts Endeavour) saved the iron body from the breakers. The Astrid was completely renovated and equipped with impressive brig rigging. Nowadays it has returned sailing under the Dutch flag.
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Tecla - Race 2 - Log 2

Changing weather, a race to the waypoint We have had all sorts of weather today! From light winds in the rain, then light winds in the sun, to strong winds and fast moving clouds.

The topsails are down and we are trying to keep the rest of the sails up, just another 46 miles to the waypoint where we will bent more east and can then ease out the sheets.. hopefully by that time, we can set the topsails again as well. The wind has increased to a force 5 from the west, to west south west. We are doing 8,8 knots.

Today we had cleaning day where everybody put their best effort in. This was before the wind increased.. After that we had a birthday cake tried out the different birthday songs from our international group. The Norwegian birthday song involved a little dance, which was very good!

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